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Aramid filament,also known as aramid yarn, is a long fiber product through the processing way of dry spray wet spinning, traction and winding to the bobbin. It is suitable for ADSS optical fiber cable, non-metallic optical cable and indoor optical cable. Aramid fiber has special properties such as low density, high tensile modulus, high breaking strength and low elongation at break, etc. At higher temperature, it can maintain the inherent stability, very low shrinkage rate, low creep and very high glass transition temperature. In addition, it also shows high corrosion resistance and non-conductive properties. Except for strong acid and alkali, it has a strong chemical resistance, and is the superior reinforcement material for optical cable.

Technical Specification


Testing standard for mechanical property ASTM D885 (Twist)

The data described in the table are test result that state is balanced for 24 hours under temperature of 23±2℃ and humidity of 50±5% .