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  • KFRP(Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Polymer)
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KFRP has advantages of light weight, high strength, low expansion, impact resistance, fracture resistance, good flexibility and so on. Both strength and modulus are far beyond that of steel wire and glass FRP, and in a wide temperature range, its coefficient of linear expansion is smaller than that of steel wire and glass fiber reinforced optical cable reinforcement. It not only has high tensile strength (≥1600Mpa), but also impact-resistance and fracture-resistance, it can maintain tensile strength of around 1300Mpa even in the case of breaking. Because of its soft character and easy to be bended, its minimum bending diameter is only 24 times the diameter, it makes the indoor optical fiber cable more compact, exquisite and has excellent bending performance, particularly suitable for wiring in complex indoor environments.

Technical Specification



1.For coated KFRP, only consider diameter deviation and out-of-roundness of the coating, do not examine diameter deviation and out-of-roundness of noumenon.

2.D represents the nominal diameter of KFRP noumenon.

3.Materials bending life is to be studied.