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Talent viewcareer development, talent is the key, talent is the enterprise's first resource, is the foundation of enterprise development. Through the implementation of "talent strong enterprise" strategy, the construction of talent introduction, training, use, assessment, incentive mechanism, to build a reasonable structure, good quality, good style of talent team. Create a fair employment environment, to give people a chance to director, give to the director general of the people a platform to do nothing, a burden, training talents in practice, show the value of talent in the rapid development of enterprises.
Choice personthe standard of measuring talents of hundred research optical fiber and cable is morality, knowledge, ability and performance, with morality as the first, having ability and political integrity, but not only education, professional title and qualification. Pacific fiber optic cable hopes to have a reasonable knowledge level, reasonable personnel structure, age structure optimization, lean and efficient personnel, and achieve faster and stronger development of enterprises.
The use of optical fiber cable: 100 research to maximize the initiative of talent, integrated management needs of enterprises and staff positions demand and staff expertise and personality factors, with the director, Zhirenshanren, according to recognize their positions.
Culture:Bai Yan of optical fiber and cable with respect to each name of their employees, design staff occupation career development planning, will guide the staff personal development and enterprise development goals together, according to what we lack "principle, set the" buffet "training program, regularly carry out staff training, encourage employees to continue learning and progress, improve the knowledge level of the staff and business ability.
Motivate peopleresearch and development of fiber optic cable to establish a talent incentive mechanism, to provide talents with market competitive remuneration, in practical work to carry out a variety of labor competition, professional skills competition activities, enhance the internal motivation of talent. Establish and improve the performance appraisal system to achieve the fittest and the fittest.
Retain people:Bai Yan optical fiber cable to retain talent by career. To provide equal employment opportunities and display their talent stage for each employee, cultivating talents talent shows itself environment, so that employees have to work as a career to pursue, to feel in the enterprise development is not only the creation and Realization of personal value, but also enables individuals to enhance the value, to achieve a win-win situation of enterprises and employees.